Meet Our Donors

Joe Taylor

Alumnus' Gift Will Have Broad Impact
Joe Taylor was extraordinarily proud to be a graduate of the University of Tennessee's College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. As an alumnus with both bachelor's and master's degrees in animal husbandry, Joe supported the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture (UTIA) for many years with annual gifts. Read More

Alison Williams

Grad's Gift Ensures Support for Future UTIA Students
Alison Williams, a 1998 graduate, understands how important it is to support future students. She’s doing that now with a gift to UTIA in her estate plan. Read More

Susan Marks

Gift Supports Experiential Learning
Susan Marks has always been a “handson” person. To her, nothing can replace the experience of learning by doing. That is why when Susan began thinking about her philanthropic legacy, experiential learning opportunities for students at the UT College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources topped her list. Read More

dog and cat

Love Has Four Paws and a Wet Nose
One couple creates a legacy of animal care and discover their true passion. For Garland and Nancy West this meant establishing continued care for the four-legged creatures that they had spent much of their lives rescuing and fostering. Read More

students in scrubs

A Life's Work Reborn
What do you do with 13,051 frozen cattle embryos? Create a gift that will that will train countless future reproduction practitioners and transform current cattle research. Read More or Watch the Video

Cornelia Holland

A Gift that Keeps Growing
Cornelia Holland was not looking for a charity to support. She was looking for a home for her hosta collection of nearly 800 varieties where it could be adequately cared for and enjoyed. Read More

Ann Helderman Vaughan and her cat

Turning Tragedy into Hope for Others
The death of Ann Helderman Vaughan’s beloved Seal-Point Birman cat in 2011 was a tragedy. However, through an endowment set up in the feline’s name, researchers at the UT College of Veterinary Medicine are working to create a cure for the often fatal feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) disease. Read More